Today the ASHRE  permits 0.15 W/ft2 max. for open parking.

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This page shows examples of LED layout and illumination to meet IESNA RP-20 outdoor standards.  It's often updated and your comments and additions are appreciated.

Starters here are that RP-20 absolute minimum horizontal illuminance is 0.20 footcandles, and vertical illuminance is 0.10 FC at 5 ft height.  Enhanced security requires 2.5 times those values.

These minimum illuminance values show replacement time of existing lighting.  Life illuminance limits of new LED lighting must be determined for a proper starting point.  Thus LED output at 50,000 hours must be planned for 70% of the originally new value.   Parking lots require at least the minimum starting value divided by 0.7 and therefore require about 0.3 absolute minimum footcandles to begin.

The inner parking area has luminaires placed in the corners of connected parking spaces minimizing affect on their area.

Illuminance Measured from 25 ft. fixture height
Length = 445 ft.    Width = 419 ft.    Area = 169,500 Sq.ft. (-corners)

After 50,000 hrs. the edges > 0.30fc exceeds IESNA RP-20 min.
Made with Bridgelux & Batwing Lens

60 Watt

  120 Watt                 150 Watt  

Made with Bridgelux & Batwing Lens

We can layout and define luminaire types for your project if you provide information and also layout in an AutoCad DXF or DWG file.  When existing poles are used, we need the pole positions, their height and luminaire arm length with angle.  If a new project, you define any restrictions on pole placement. 


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