Ostomy Trials . . .
Flexible wafers are among the best fit & function out there. The key is flexible. They are comfortable and secure, and removal needs a "Remover Wipe" to save your skin.
 Optional Ring for a Barrier

   Flat FlexWear
     Pre Cut 1"
     Lift the Clear Cover
Stretch Ring to fit Edge of Stoma Cut-Out
Replace Clear Cover.
Press Ring over edge for stoma, with a little hanging into cut-out
 2mm or 4mm
Some Barriers may require a Ring to help limit fluid leakage, some may not.
Abdomen has curves where your
stoma barrier is attached.

Those curves flex when you flex,
(bend, sit, walk, etc.)
and adhesive stops the leaks.
The Tool helps you
seat the adhesive.
》 Preheat The Tool  in Hot Water
》Shower Option Now
》Dry that clean skin
》Apply Powder  Option
》Skin Barrier Film Wipe  Option
》Dry stoma with tissue  Keep Dry, NO Option
BEWARE Stoma Mucus  Reduces Adhesion
》Attach barrier to skin
》Be sure stoma is  centered
》Apply Heated Tool  @ stoma
》Press Tool toward body.
》Hold 30+ seconds.
》Attach  Tape** Border Edges

*Ring may be optional. It helps seal between stoma and Cut-Out.  The opening in ring MUST BE slightly smaller than Cut-Out to avoid trapping fluids.
For installing the ring, a heated Tool is very beneficial. The thicker ring needs more heat or longer time pressed.

**Tape Border (Hollister) is the last step.  The separated tape border helps smooth attachment, and it allows applying pressure with the Tool about 20 seconds sooner.

The pH level of ileostomy fluid makes sealing the stoma crucial. About the first minute of application needs constant, uniform pressure, and here's The Tool for that.
The Tool This can allow seal to last 3× longer than hand pressing, with or without a Ring. It applies even pressure on Barrier around stoma, and keeps it warm too.
Sized to clear
the stoma
PVC Sched-40 1-1/2"×1" reducing bushing, threadless with flange.  D-2466A  437-211   Size is chosen for stoma.
Home Depot

Patrick Mullins
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