Ostomy Devices . . . .
. . . with an Ileostomy
Nearly all 2-piece devices have a connecting flange that holds fluids around the stoma.
This may be just a teaspoon, but even that is painful at 8 - 10 pH.
When lying down, that barrier is nearly horizontal and the stoma cut-out is fully submerged, which helps fluids to penetrate.
The ileostomy passes fluids that must be kept off your skin.

That teaspoon is from flange diameter and height, minus the stoma space.  A 50mm flange with a 25mm stoma holds 2 teaspoons.
The #10504 is just one example of the type flange with every 2-piece brand tried, except this no-flange version shown next.
Coloplast #10504  2-piece
Pre-Cut 1" (25mm) stoma
SenSura Mio Click Barrier
Pouch Side

Coloplast #10551
After 1" Cut Out
Green < 1mm thick

Coloplast #12262
< 1mm thick
Body Side
Coloplast #10551 Flat
2-piece, Cut-to-Fit
This Coloplast #10551 barrier with #12262 pouch has no gap for fluids.
   Flat surface, stoma to drain.

6 × 7 × 38mm donut
around stoma
4.5ml Liquid (1 teaspoon)
when Horizontal
( 8 - 10 pH )
Ileostomy brings fluids which can make a leak.  The higher alkalinity lowers viscosity. Highly alkaline fluids can easily seep under barrier and be trapped, contacting your skin and forcing a barrier replacement.

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