Ostomy Devices . . . .
. . . with an Ileostomy
The stoma position relative to our clothing waistband is different for us all. It may be above, below, or nearly inline which can make some dimensions crucial.

Distance between the device's stoma cut-out and its pouch connection point can affect pouch folding when that point is too near the waistband, and, folding can be critical with an ileostomy. That distance is shown as n.

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Coloplast #10472
Flat, Pre-Cut 1"
ConvaTec #416725
Flat, Pre-Cut 1"
Hollister #8925
Flat, Pre-Cut 1"
Coloplast #10551
2-piece Flat, Cut-to-Fit
Coloplast #16731
Convex, Pre-Cut 1"
Hollister #8662
Convex, Pre-Cut 1"
Some manufacturers use a color code with a barrier size. Example shows a Coloplast barrier with a dot tells its millimeters & color code. Their #10551 cut-to-fit shown here is 35mm barrier, and GREEN. When that part became a 25mm Pre-Cut, the barrier went to 40mm and color code remained Green. This can change the overall fit while undetected by color code.
When a brand & barrier with your Cut-to-Fit is established, confirm those dimensions are retained when changing either; different versions require testing with an ileostomy.

Some photos aren't exactly the part they claim, and are not to scale.
Pre-cut sizes are specified.   Barrier millimeters will differ by manufacturer, maybe to flange ID, flange OD, to pouch contact area, etc.
Attachment must be comfortable and secure to carry about 1/2 lb (8 fl oz) or maybe 250 ml.

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