3-dimensional view of lighting with LED Troffers at 11-Ft height.     See Troffer plotting options and quantities below.

Approx. 45’ × 68’ = 3060 SqFt.
Measurements are Foot Candles
Quantity for 3D View Above:
20   24   28   35
Batwing Lambertian
Illuminance Plotted
Floor      Workplane

Workplane mode shows objects
affecting that pattern.
Clickto see all objects
during Workplane view.

Batwing Troffers
20  BW-2
24  BW-2
24  BW-1
28  BW-1
35  BW-1

Lambertian Troffers
Foot Candles:   avg.
Foot Candles:   avg.

We can layout and define luminaire types for your project if you provide information and also layout in an AutoCad DXF or DWG file.  If a new project, you define any restrictions on lamp placement. 
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