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Will Health Insurance cost go up or go down with LED lighting and politics?
  medical In their 2012 report the AMA refers to obesity, cancer and diabetes.
Changes in lighting are advised by that AMA Policy.
Health Insurance will follow, and will revise lighting standards. 
                           OLED lighting makes a healthy difference.
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Compare LED Circadian Effects with tinted eyeglasses.
(Uses Melatonin lab test by Mark S. Rea, PhD)
Estimate amount of sleep aid supplement
based on Spectral Power Distribution curve, and time.

On AMA Policy

clock having no hands   Disruption of circadian clock (by Prognosis Hope)
linked to AMA reports
NIHPA 2010:  Effect of Light on Circadian Physiology
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Lighting is a large segment of our power consumption, and Cool-White LEDs were initially claimed an energy saver to compete with conventional lighting.  Marketing of lighting and energy is often affected by political highlights, and that has occurred with LED Lighting. 

Some highlights have been "Climate Change" & "Global Warming" claimed from atmospheric Carbon Dioxide by generating too much dirty power.  Cool-White LEDs could help reduce that dirty power, but they have excessive 450nm radiation which increases risk of breast cancer, diabetes and obesity. 

Consider that Obamacare rates for smokers can go up by 50% due to its proven health demise.  Melatonin lab tests and its linked records with breast cancer and diabetes will raise Health Insurance rates, because rather than cigarette smoking, your home and work-place spray you night & day with Cool-White LEDs.  Most smoking issues occur after more than a decade, maybe 5,000 packs of smokes.  Circadian rhythm upset from Melatonin suppression occurs in less than weeks, and its horrible outcome occurs in far less than a decade.

Better lighting is available.  LED lighting must combine proper LEDs, or devote improved phosphor converted types for the tasks.  Now coming are OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Devices) which can produce necessary light without 450nm radiation.  Look for SPD figures for safety, CCT alone is insufficient.

Unhealthy use of solid-state lighting has been underway since 1999. 
Let's prioritize lighting type selections for a healthy solution.

Can new political support help?

See more details about "Global Warming" and make something of it.

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