Does "Greenhouse Effect"
Warm Your Globe?

      Imaginary Effects by CO2
CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and Greenhouse Effect get blamed for Earth's heat and climate changes. But nicknames are usual, and, Mother Nature cannot be controlled, she never has been.
Greenhouse has become a nickname. When temperature rises a small amount, in anything anywhere, now it's referred to as Greenhouse Effect, and most dictionaries deem that phrase a misnomer.
Sunlight includes UV and other wavelengths for plant growth. Many manmade Greenhouses have electric grow lights for better plants. A manmade Greenhouse is heated by natural gas (propane) or electric heat for full use year-round.
The Greenhouse was in use 400+ years ago (17th century) and was heated by a wood-burning oven, even though Sunlight was as plentiful then as now.
Is this now a game?
Education is put aside for preferences by the game makers. Here some samples show Earth's Water Vapor component being skipped over in discussion by a Global Warming preacher having CO2 preference.
 See a few opposites of CO2
 • Earth has 100× more Water Vapor;
 • Water Vapor allows weather creation;
 • Water Vapor allows water and ice;
 • Water Vapor makes Earth livable.

American Government wants higher priced alternatives and less CO2 in these functions:
• Electricity: solar, wind, water, heat;
• Vehicle fuels: electric, solar, natural gas;
• System pricing segments:
  Design; Installation; Maint; Repair; etc.
More money comes from You for imagined CO2 reduction. There's more to the story.

The Claim that Earth's warmth is increased by CO2 and, the Claim CO2 causes climate to change, are bait. Science is made imaginary and some Americans are led to believe the livable Earth will soon end from CO2 global warming.
Humans exhale 1kg of CO2 every day!
Air-breathing critters all around the world exhale CO2 every day.
We realize that China produces 2× more CO2 than America.
We realize that China population is 3× more than America.
You know that China produces double the CO2 as America, and apparently America can not restrict another nation's emissions.
The Jet Stream helps you see how the emissions into the air are spread, and how predictable all can be.
Now you see that no single nation on Earth can lower its CO2 level merely by reducing its own CO2 production.
   Now "Carbon" is bait in the CO2 game.
Actual Carbon is a solid, it is not a gas, it can not dissolve; and, to be atmospheric it can only be dust.   Carbon is SOLID Matter
[carbon = charcoal]   [CO2 = Exhaust Gas]
[Mega-years @temperature °k = diamond]
    You feel better buying that bait?

 Government measurement style:
 Results = adjust to match the goal
Time, position (Lat+Long+Altitude), temperature, content and more. Reading adjustments are found historically, and likely to continue in their future.

   True Science* & Graphics
   Politics & Covid-19
   Limit Earth's Natural CO2 Sources
   Earth's Jet Stream
      *Correct Scientific Description
  • Avoid Imaginary Guesswork
  • Scientist with desire must learn those molecules for thermal functions: conduction, resistance, absorption, emission, etc. before attempting to label a function.
  • Sun's InfraRed rays arrive after multiple refractions. They warm Earth's surface molecules by Convection.
  • Atmospheric impurities and water vapor are heated by IR rays, and by Earth's surface and other objects, all with Convection.
  • IR ray wavelength changes during action: When a ray is absorbed, the heated molecule emits new wavelength rays. Temperature of ray absorbed was higher than all rays produced.
  • Wikipedia drawing on this subject:
    The CO2 molecule shown hit by IR and sending IR in all directions is misleading.

    Refracted rays are straight lines; for wavey lines: each wave = (thermal absorption + IR emission).
    Clean gas refracts more* than it absorbs and refracted rays exit some angle opposite side of molecule entered.
      *based on wavelength.
  • Water Vapor holds 60% more heat than other atmospheric gases (convection). Airflow with heat is water vapor.
  • CO2 absorbs 3 IR rays from ≈ 38 = 8%.
    That's   2.7um,  4.3um,  15um.
        [rays are denoted by wavelength]
  • The remaining 35+ IR rays pass through the CO2 molecule unaffected.
  • CO2 is blamed erroneously as heating Earth. But...
    CO2 concentration ≈ 0.04%.
    Water Vapor concentration ≈ 100× CO2.
    CO2 molecule may absorb ≈ 8% of IR.
    Water Vapor absorbs 90% of IR.
    CO2 can't overcome Earth Water Vapor
  Atmosphere Gas Concentration:
    Water Vapor 4.24%           CO2  0.04%
      See   Clear Science + Graphics
Changing concentration of CO2 does not change its angle of refraction. But convection is affected by concentration of a substance, e.g. thermal conductivity, absorption, resistance, etc. are proportional to volume.
  Wikipedia:  Greenhouse Effect
  Click the "History" tab there for details.

Maybe You're Aware: Those characters preaching the Carbon Dioxide Climate SCAM are affecting your money.

Beware of Politics in Action
We've learned lots from Covid-19 pandemic.

You should be aware that a SCAM is in play for the Covid-19 virus, entirely for financial benefit of thieves. Use caution when reaching for help with Covid-19!

Prior to the Corona Virus, Americans were requested to use less fossil fuels (gasoline), hoping to reduce CO2 production, proposing that CO2 interferes with Earth temperature and climate.

Upon discovering Covid-19 the initial handling was/is by isolating and reducing public activities, which naturally reduced gasoline usage. Next we can measure that outcome as previously requested.

Quite important however, U.S. production of CO2 is already just HALF that produced by China.
Americans can't lower the CO2 in their atmosphere (due to China + Jet Stream).
American lifestyle is held at fault!

Handling Covid-19 has lowered American traffic flow, and gasoline usage ≈ 40%.
NOW (may2020) - 40% gasoline reduction has occurred, and the imagined heat and climate have NOT occurred.
Next we may be told these changes need a decade to be measurable.
Should we accept pricing on something unknown?
Simple conceptual story can be:
Electricity generation with Solar and Wind is wished to produce less CO2 however, that correlation becomes kWatt per Acre of land per day.
Obviously that philosophy goes way back in time and has no trees to use CO2. Do you see a problem?

Story with facts can be:
Solar panel creation uses exotic materials, which can pollute your air and water. Remember, a Jet Stream lets them share.

Wind turbine devices exceed 10 tons of steel for a pole, and installation uses gasoline worth thousands of miles. The acreage used will never be publicized, it HAS NO TREES that take in CO2 daily.

Device costs increase immediately. Solar & Wind sales techniques insist you reduce electricity usage and miles you drive, hoping their new gadgetry will be affordable.

Maintenance & repair & replacement are a very high price surprise, omitted from initial use estimates.
When end result requires a combination of items that all can change some way in the time needed to finish, the important item already missing is 'common sense'.
Obviously we may never know real effects of anything requiring a decade to observe.

Why is China not held to reduce its CO2 ?
Since their ATMOSPHERIC CO2 affects the same globe, does common sense suggest the same efforts should be applied by all around that same globe?
    Yes, a Political Game it is.
            Wikipedia:  CO2 Producers
What else is a 2:1 difference between China & USA?   Does Headcount Matter?
China Population is ≈ 3:1 America.
  Humans produce 1kg CO2 / day, every day

P. Mullins   2020