Does "Carbon Dioxide"
Warm Your Globe?

- NO -

Water vapor is key to Earth's temperature.
You've now seen the answer.
The following is scientific technical detail.

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and Greenhouse Effect are blamed for Earth's heat and climate.

 FACT: CO2 volume compared to water vapor volume, combined with wavelength properties of each gas makes CO2 thermal ability insignificant.

 FACT: "Greenhouse Effect" is a misnomer.

A Greenhouse is an ENCLOSURE for year-round plant growth, ISOLATED from current weather conditions. The Greenhouse contains Earthly atmospheric gases, and some absorb thermal energy via solar infrared. Nicknamed as 'Greenhouse Gas' and listed in order of proportion and wavelength resonance:

Greenhouse Gas
Water Vapor
Carbon Dioxide
 CH4 Methane:  Irrelevant Greenhouse Gas

  The Least Thermal, Politically Favorite Gas:
Carbon Dioxide is an Inorganic Compound.
Its Carbon Atom is bonded to Oxygen;
  is Not bonded to Hydrogen.
See more about → Carbon Compounds

Most Important for Earth's Heat:
...Water vapor is the 'working medium' of the atmospheric thermodynamic engine which transforms heat energy from Sun irradiation into mechanical energy in the form of winds...

  Earth has more water vapor than CO2
Only 3 IR rays affect CO2  (2.7, 4.3 & 15uM)
Any of 35 IR rays affect water vapor
IR = InfraRed electromagnetic radiation,
wavelengths in micrometers (uM)
  A Greenhouse gas does not reflect IR rays.

Dictionaries deem
Greenhouse Effect a misnomer.
"the name water vapor-greenhouse effect is actually a misnomer since heating in the usual greenhouse is due to the
reduction of convection"

A bit of Greenhouse history.
The Greenhouse was in use 400+ years ago (17th century) and was heated by a wood-burning oven, even though Sunlight was as plentiful then as now. Today a Greenhouse is warmed by burning Propane or with electric heat.
Is this now a game?
This has become a CO2 blame game.
Man helped plants grow year-round, more hours per day than by the Sun. Man adds CO2 into that Greenhouse for plants to breathe healthier, NOT for heat.

Carbon Dioxide is a Carbon compound.
The pure element Carbon is found as graphite, and with millions of years of millions of tons of pressure, can become a diamond. Carbon compounds are chemical substances with Carbon atoms bonded to any other element.
There are more Carbon compounds on Earth than any other element except Hydrogen.

There are many sources of Carbon Dioxide.
Nature includes decomposition, ocean release, our own respiration + animal respiration around the world.
Source examples may include cement production, and activity such as making beer & wine.
Man made methods to burn several natural fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas.
Burning can produce CO2 as exhaust gas which does NOT itself produce heat.

Next 2 links are helpful for
8th grade science class.
Periodic Table of Elements
See molecule chemistry . . .(click)
    (Important → Compound vs Molecule)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Compound is  Gas.
Found in drinks called cola, in beer,
in hundreds of consumables.
Carbon (C) Molecule is  Solid.
aka Graphite, or the Lead in a Pencil.

Never to be dissolved or absorbed:
Carbon is deadly in a cola drink.

Ask your Fire Marshall.  Ask OSHA.
CO2 is used in Class-BC Fire Extinguishers to extinguish fire on dry & fluid fuels plus energized electrical equipment.
Carbon here is electrically Hazardous.
   A universal extinguisher for residential use.

Carbon is electrically conductive. Contact with electric circuit may be a hazzard;
e.g. short circuit, excessive current, heat, fire, etc.

If Carbon is found in your
CO2 fire extinguisher,
that extinguisher must be replaced.

  Another 'Compound' Example:
Water (H2O) Chemical Substance is  Liquid.
And misunderstanding could mean
you bathe, swim in & drink Hydrogen.
Remember - Hydrogen is  Gas.

The name of a chemical element can NOT be used alone to label a compound.
Referring to "Carbon Dioxide" as
"Carbon" is a MISTAKE.

        Politicians refer to CO2 as carbon.
    In this game it ties your $$ to CO2 and
    it began by Al Gore just for that.

   ▪︎True Science* & CO2 details
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        (by President Trump)

 NOAA Confirms:
   ▪︎'Full-Blown' Grand Solar Minimum
   ▪︎Limit Earth's Natural CO2 Sources
   ▪︎Earth's Jet Stream
   Cause is Water Vapor - NOT CO2

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          *Correct Scientific Description

America cannot afford to give up fossil fuels.
Technical details are coming.