Cool White Lighting & Circadian Rhythm

In some ways LEDs help, and in some they may harm.
Timing Example - Before the ′50s our United States experienced atmospheric LEAD poisoning.
It was defended by Auto and Petrol suppliers against Geochemist Clair Patterson, PhD. 
After 20 years, Government took his advice.
- - Now - -
This relates our environment and the 450nm emission of white light,
and is more than lighting.

See: Melatonin lab test by Mark S. Rea, PhD  &  Circadian Effects caused by these LED types
This cool-white LED reduces melatonin twice as much as reduced by this warm-white LED.
Why? Intrinsically-Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells (ipRGCs)  respond to LED′s blue light spike.
These cool-white LEDs have 2× 450nm as their 500-700nm, a color ratio exceeding natural light.
These white LEDs show 450nm blue emission less than half their 500-700nm emissions.
Atmosphere protects us from full spectrum.  We need awareness of ′blue per Lux′ with all lighting.

If you′re in cool-white lighting near bedtime, then estimate a sleep aid supplement for proper rest.
AMA    Nocturnal Melatonin Suppression = endocrine disruptor linked to
diabetes, obesity and cancer  

Fluorescent lighting has done this for decades,
and LEDs could prevent this problem if desired.
Health issues are rising every year: we are not sleeping well
& we need more sleeping aids.

How long did it take to get health warnings on cigarettes, or on gasoline pumps?
Answer: 20+ years

We will see warning labels for cool-white LEDs.

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Radford University Paper with Dr Patterson, page 9 (392)that PDF file
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