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Scientists lecturing on Climate Change will too often
skip over the cooling details of  "The Water Cycle" 
Scientists tell us that Water Vapor is ~90% of the Greenhouse Gas(es) on Earth.  That primary Greenhouse Gas is part of  "The Water Cycle with several Condensation phases after Vapor. 
          These are a few significant steps in that cycle:
Step 1: H2O is evaporated into Earth's atmosphere (Vapor). 
Step 2: Condensation =
[2a: fog, 2b:haze, 2c:mist, 2d:clouds, 2e:dew, 2f:rain & 2g:snow] 
Condensation increases Refractive Index ~33%.  Millions of tiny droplets, all separated with air, cause Infra-Red (IR) heat rays to bend millions of times.  Rays never exit the droplets with previous direction or power, and some power is absorbed.
     (Click those phase words for Wikipedia definitions)

Condensation makes Sunshade, AND, its tiny droplets moving in air do cool the atmosphere and areas of Earth.  Condensation helps regulate area temperature based upon relative humidity & barometric pressure.
Why do Lecturers skip over the Condensation phase?
  H2O is a Natural Thermostat, it allows living creatures to be....

Climates are governed by location on Earth when tilting Earth's axis toward or away from the Sun.  This 'tilting' changes daily hours of Sunshine between days grouped on the calendar.  Also referred to as seasons, they're often nicknamed such as snow, tornado, hurricane, rainy, beach, mosquito, etc.  Some changes are noted throughout time; maybe by Jet Stream effects?

Jet Streams not only carry these toward the Sunrise, they may also carry them North and South.  Nature allows some parts of weather conditions caused in one place to appear elsewhere.  That area thermostat (Water Vapor) is working full time, everywhere. 
         In Technology we call this a 'Closed Loop System.'
Some scientists say that details on condensation, e.g. altitudes, temperature Δ, timing, etc., are not sufficiently documented for their Lecture.  For a while 'they' admit jokingly about Condensation helping cool Earth, but some won't lecture without reference. 
Seriously?   Legal concerns?   Political?

NOTE that graphics having political influence rarely show
temperature & CO2 simultaneously.  Do you wonder why?
Temperature raises CO2 level, not the other way around.

Click for CO2 Graphs & weight by nation
Earth has Jet Streams that affect its climates
Jet Stream
is a Westerly wind  >5 miles above the Earth's surface, carrying humidity, storms, gases and suspended particulate matter thousands of miles.
Airborne emissions mostly affect areas to its East. 
    Click to run Jet Streams

Visit  NOAA  for a map of their measurement sites.
EPA & NOAA show strange measurement style with seven (7) sites East of China, but West of China, sites are thousands of miles upwind.
NOAA's Mauna Loa graph of Global CO2 increase may be just a coincidence with that same increase and timing of China's CO2 emissions.

Los Angeles has noted particulate air pollution from China for >2 decades; they knew it wasn't theirs, and Jet Streams obviously contribute.  China's President was in a 2015 UN Meeting, and stated this might be addressed in 2030.  They are known to build a new power plant each month.

Now "Global Warming" is thought bad, and the natural Greenhouse Effect phrase is used.  Lots is gleaned on this Greenhouse Gas page by comparing, especially Water Vapor, the most important of them all.
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