Earth's Climates and Greenhouses

Scientists lecturing on Climate Change will too often
skip over the cooling details of  "The Water Cycle"

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Earth's dominant Greenhouse Gas is Water Vapor, which makes earth livable.  This primary gas is part of "The Water Cycle" with very significant Condensation.   see
H2O evaporation into Earth's atmosphere = Water Vapor.
Condensation of that Vapor = fog, haze, mist, clouds, dew, rain & snow.
Condensation(1) increases Refractive Index by ~33% from that Vapor.  Sun's rays are going from vacuum to atmosphere in a sphere, where Refractive Index makes such angles very crucial.  Condensation bends Sun's rays millions of times going through millions of tiny droplets separated by air.  The bent rays lose power, and the Infra-Red (IR) heat they lost is absorbed.  Sun's visible rays often show us a rainbow here.

Earth's Climates come from many components.  Earth's axis (tilt) relating to the Sun changes several times every year, which changes the relative daily hours & power of Sunshine in sections on the calendar, so the Tilt Angle and Location outlines relative temperature and duration.  Next, humidity and barometric pressure around an area, its altitudes and stirring winds adjust the weather and temperatures together, which brings more or less winds and temperatures, beside other winds and temperatures, etc.

Climates or Seasons are often nicknamed: snow, tornado, hurricane, rainy, beach, mosquito, etc.  Cyclical changes are noted throughout time... maybe from Sun cycles, maybe Jet Stream cycles.

Condensation(2) is from Water Vapor, it makes Sunshade, and, its tiny droplets moving in air actually cool the atmosphere and areas of Earth.
Condensation effects far outweigh effects of any Greenhouse Gas.
In Technology we call this a 'Closed Loop System.'
Lecturers should never skip over the cooling effect, it has always been here.  History shows Evaporative Cooling was known 2500 BC.
Graphical charts rarely show temperature & CO2 simultaneously.
...but when they are properly plotted together...
 Average temperature Leads CO2 level, it is NOT the other way. 
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Earth has Jet Streams that affect its climates
Jet Stream
is a Westerly wind  >5 miles above the Earth's surface, carrying humidity, storms, gases and suspended particulate matter thousands of miles.
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Visit  NOAA  for a map of their measurement sites.
EPA & NOAA show strange measurement style.  They have seven (7) sites East side of China, but West of China, no measurement sites are within thousands of miles upwind.  NOAA's Mauna Loa graph of the Global CO2 increase coincides in time and % with China's CO2 emissions.  Scientists are aware of this intention.   "Global" isn't truly global. 

China's measured emissions are double the USA and to assure that CO2 measurements are truly Global, NOAA should provide equivalent data in time from West side of China.  Click for CO2 Graphs

Los Angeles has noted particulate air pollution from China for ~2 decades; they knew it wasn't theirs, and Jet Streams delivered.
China's President was in a 2015 UN Meeting, and stated this might be addressed in 2030.  They are known to build a power plant every month.

Important example to note: When Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980, the East side of US received the ash and more in less than 5 days; Jet Streams delivered. Within a couple months the ash traveled completely around the globe.  Gases being much lighter, traveled for many, many months, several times around Earth.  Jet Streams are not always mentioned by Media, anything merely floating in atmosphere is known to arrive East of its beginning.
Earth has volcanoes erupting daily, maintaining our CO2
One EPA proclamation is to regulate Man's Emissions.
Man's effect deleted 1/2 of Earth's forestry
while the same 'Man' doubled Earth's population.
Now we complain about Earth's CO2??

Man cannot control Earth's temperature or climates.
EPA should take the High School History Lesson.

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June 2017