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On AMA Policy

AMA Policy

Will Health Insurance cost go up or go down with LED lighting and politics?

  medical In their 2012 report the AMA refers to obesity, cancer and diabetes.
Changes in lighting are advised by that AMA Policy.
Health Insurance will follow, and will revise lighting standards. 
Many areas can switch to OLED lighting for a healthy difference.
spd graphic
Compare LED Circadian Effects with tinted eyeglasses.
(Uses Melatonin lab test by Mark S. Rea, PhD)
Estimate amount of sleep aid supplement
based on Spectral Power Distribution curve, and time.
Lighting will eventually have safety rating labels affecting Health Insurance Premiums.  Safe use of lighting requires proper LEDs, or light filtering, either with tinted eyeglasses, or a control method within the lighting device.
clock having no hands   Disruption of circadian clock (by Prognosis Hope)
linked to AMA reports
NIHPA 2010:  Effect of Light on Circadian Physiology
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"Climate Change" and "Global Warming" are political names for unproven weather conditions claimed man-made by adding Carbon & Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere.  Putting aside these weather names, generating less power will naturally reduce Carbon & CO2 emission.  Lighting is a huge segment of our power consumption, and LED marketing has used Global Warming as a tool, so they compare efficacy (Lumens/Watt) for savings.  Cool-White has higher efficacy than Warm-White, AND Cool-White has high 450nm radiation levels, so saving that energy increases risk of cancer, diabetes and obesity. 

This is a balancing act of saving energy versus saving our health.  Cancer records and Melatonin lab tests will raise Health Insurance premiums.

Better lighting is available.  The LED type must combine a mixture of proper LEDs, or devote improved phosphor converted types for the lighting tasks.  Even better is the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Device) which can produce all necessary light with no 450nm radiation.  Data sheets should provide SPD figures.  CCT alone is insufficient.

This topic is the health effect of lighting, let's prioritize LED selections for a healthy solution.

Attempting to change our atmosphere, if even possible, would require cooperation by ALL on this planet, and that would take generations of time; results might not even be seen by grandchildren. 
Illness from suppressed Melatonin can occur in less than a decade, a fraction of a generation.


Senator James Inhofe defined "Climate Change" as the hoax it is.

Click here or his photo for desmogblog

Other politicians promote the "Climate Change" belief world wide. 

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